• Specs

    • Product Name: Rani fruit drink.
    • Packaging: 200mlx24 (Glass bottles)
    • Available in one flavour: Sour Cherry.
    • Add enjoyment to your gatherings with rani fruit drink
    • In company of friends? open chilled bottle and enjoy the moment.
    • Sour and sweet taste. 
    • Don't forget to add some ice cubes for best taste.
    • Stimulate your senses and take your taste buds on an adventure.
    • Rani has been refreshing the world with its sensorial fruit fusions since 1982.
    • Store it in cool and dry place.Refrigerate after opening.


    • Sour cherry: Water, Sugar, Cherry puree concentrate, Acidifier: E330, Nature identical cherry flavour, Antioxidant: E300.

    What’s Included?

    • 24 x rani sour cherry drink (200ml)  

    Price Comparison

    Not widely available in market,but hey! its on bargain.

    Estimated Delivery

    Sunday, 1st August.