moojmaro is a daily deal site.

 We offer deals on few products per day until sold out or the clock strikes 12 AM.At we hunt the best deals for you on crazy low prices. Click the "buy now" button for a great deal on something you want, or something you didn't even know you wanted. 

 Why would i shop on moojmaro?

 Ridiculously Good Deals.

 Crazy low prices on stuff you need and stuff you didn't even know you needed.   So, save more,live better and surely moojmaro.


 All the deals are sorted by moojo,the deal sorting squirrel. If the deal is good  moojo offers it to you, else it goes straight into the bin. Daily blog about product, jokes and much more from our squirrel mascot, moojo and his friends.


 Dimag ke bati jalao, aur free gifts pao. Answer the daily riddle and win crazy good  prizes.

 Return and Refund.

 Do you want to return these awesome deals? hope not. But we all know   customer is always right,so in case of return you will get your full refund in your   jazz cash account within an hour.